Wednesday, September 15, 2010


SHAUN THE SHEEP SHOW. I recently read in the magazine about Shaun The Sheep! He is just so cute. The show is about a sheep that shows such innocence. He is so cute. Attracting many kids who watches television. He starrs in a show in Disney Channel.
From the creator of beloved claymation characters Wallace and Gromit comes SHAUN THE SHEEP -- a short-form animated series about a curious young sheep who delights in adventure and enjoys leading his flock into all sorts of mischief. When The Farmer's around, Shaun gives the man no reason to doubt that Shaun is just another follower of the herd. But the minute the unsuspecting man's back is turned, the resourceful young sheep is off in pursuit of fun. Often it's up to faithful sheepdog Bitzer to wrangle the flock -- and help Shaun clean up their mess -- before his owner discovers all isn't as it seems.

Sunday, August 29, 2010


3 new things that i have learnt in school this term.
1:I have learnt that humanities is easy if you expertise in the basics. As when you are strong at the base, whatever the teacher teaches you from then, it'll all be much easier to learn and understand.
2:Mathematics must be carefully endeavoured. Not just see and do the mathematical problem,but slowly realising what the question really means.And from then do step by step to ensure full marks given.
3: Science is a memorising subject. My teacher made me do lines for a science topic,and soon after i realised that i was able to memorise the whole few sentence accurately.
2 new things i would like to improve on. (schoolwork/yourself)
1:I would like to improve on having a consistent full marks for my homework. I could revise more on that particular subject i am weak on and improve myself in all the work i am given and hopefully i would be getting consistent full marks for all my work i have done.
2: I would like to improve on my language writing. As although i passed my recent letter writing, i want to indeed do well and much better perhaps trying to score a close to full marks.
1 thing that i would like to learn about.
1: I would like to learn about more cultures. Like after the New Zealand show we watched.i would like to learn more about other country's culture. As it inspires me on how much different culture differs with their own expectations. I would like to learn more and see how different cultures experience different things in their own way.

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Reflection about Singapore(:

Reflections about Singapore(:


Singapore is known to be a Food Paradise with many kinds of local food reflecting our unique multicultural society. Singapore offers everyone a variety of favourites to choose from: Roti Prata, Nasi Briyani, Chicken Rice, Hokkien Mee, and Satay to many Western delicacies. The Singaporean salad, or Rojak, is a specialty as it symbolises the mixing of different cultures. The sweet peanut sauce poured over the Rojak salad represents a spirit of unity between different groups of people.
I feel that living in Singapore is a something many people in other countries wish for. Where there is hardly any disasters here, it shows that safety is a main thing to many people.
Living in Singapore provides us with many advantages. In Singapore, there are many cultures and religions used by different people living in Singapore, in Singapore we have a very socialised and racial harmonious country.Thus, living in Singapore is a dream come true.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Food i cant live without):

Roti Prata which is an Indian delicacy. Is the food i simply cannot live without! The smell is simply unresistable. It can be found at many Hawkers near your house . The taste of Roti Prata is very unique, it is a must to be eaten with a dip of curry in each mouth of Roti Prata. Though, it is an Inidan Delicacy, many people with different cultural adaptations too love the taste of Roti Prata. Eat can be eaten for Breakfast, Lunch, Tea, Dinner or perhaps Supper. To my preference, i prefer having Roti Prata with mutton curry. Some prefer to have it with sugar if they think the curry is a little too spicy. It sure is a food i can't live without! (:


Tuesday, April 27, 2010


In the Japanese occupation, some people were placed in prison to be tortured. No one were allow to put on airs or graces in prison. Many different races with many different customs and religions, but there were no social distinctions; we showered together daily. The four hundred of us would gather under a long water pipe punched full of holes and with a piece of soap in our hands, we would wait for the water to be turned on. The water would flow out for a short while then it will be turned off. Once it started again, everyone would be madly busy, scrubbing their emaciated bodies with pieces of rags cut out fron gunnysacks.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Questions and Answers.

Questions:Types of clothes i like. Will i donate to the poor,Why? What kind of people do you adore? Can you cook?

Hello! Its English again. I'm suppose to use the Imagination Prompt Generator and write a script of 180 words. so here its goes.
My favourite clothes are those that are cropped tee- shirts and denim shorts . I especially love lace and over-sized tees.(: I too love patterned tights and clothes from Topshop and Cotton On.
The people I adore are people who are not anti-social and out-going people. I too love shopaholics and those that would stay by my side forever. I love it when we have a night where we all could go shopping together. And perhaps study too.

I'm pleased with how i look like, and don't wish to change the way i look like now. If it was compulsory for me to change one part of me would be that I wouldn't want to wear spectacles. Wearing spectacles needs a lot of care and takes up a lot of time having to provide my care to it.
Oh, i like this question. i cook amazingly well, even though my entire family cant cook. i love baking and all of its background. My favourite dish which I regularly cook is Lasagna, specially fancied by my very supportive family. Whenever a dish is ruined , I do love it when they lie to me how nice it actually taste.
The five things I have changed in the last year would have to be my love of different type of Boutique shops. Since now, the market is growing, i seem to fancy more then what i use to. I spent money almost every weekend buying clothes, but i always do it with no regrets.
When I meet a homeless person,I first think if i should give a sum of money. There have been many cases of people who fake it as in they do not have any money and they go out to beg. But if i can see that they are really poor, and are jobless or handicapped thus nobody wants to employ them, thus they cant make any money, I would probably take a bit of my weekly allowance to help them.
I am usually not a sad child, I am pretty enthusiastic in everything i do. Most of the times, I am happy but at times when a regretful event occurs, i would occasionally have mood swings. nownow.